Meet the Team

Lynn Draper


LYNN DRAPER – Lynn joined Keltech in 2011 as Controller, moving into his current role as Chief Operations Officer in 2014. He has more than 30 years experience in a variety of manufacturing positions. His focus is understanding and meeting the needs of each customer, remaining agile to evolve as necessary. Lynn manages Keltech’s resources and the team that makes it all happen. Recognizing that the Keltech team serves an extension of its customers, Lynn is fortunate to have a team dedicated to producing quality products.

Ron Taylor

Production Manager –

RON TAYLOR – Ron has worked in the Electronic Industry for over 35 years, starting his career in the Military and later working for the US Army, repairing Electronic Warfare and Intelligence gathering systems. Ron joined Keltech in 1997, holding many positions throughout his time here. His experience and knowledge in the industry, coupled with his high work ethic, have prepared him to lead our manufacturing team. He has cultivated a team that shares his high standards for producing a quality product. He currently oversees the test and multiple manufacturing departments at Keltech.

HOBBIES – Mr. Taylor and his wife Laurie enjoy backpacking and hiking, they are currently section hiking the complete 544 miles of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. Mr. Taylor also has a passion for bass fishing and is currently the President of the Blue Ridge Bass Club.
Quality Control Manager –

Jacob Hockman – Jacob has been with Keltech for 5+ years and started as a production employee. After quickly learning the procedures and understanding the business Jacob has worked his way up throughout the years and is knowledgeable in every department at Keltech. Jacob has worked along side Ron Taylor throughout his career at Keltech and they have some friendly competition that keeps the bar set high. Jacob has an amazing aurora around him and everybody at Keltech smiles when he approaches them.

Hobbies: Jacob is an alumni of Radford University. He enjoys playing video games until the sun comes up and then will go hunting.

Dave Johnson

Engineering Manager –

DAVE JOHNSON – Dave has over 30 years in the Electronic Industry and 23 years of Surface Mount Technology experience. Dave joined Keltech in 1990 and is a valued member of the Keltech Team. He has held several key roles, including managing our Surface Mount Department. This experience provided Dave with a solid foundation for managing our Engineering Department. He is knowledgeable about the equipment and the field of engineering, providing Dave the necessary perspective for success. He has a degree in Electrical/Electronic Technology and is IPC CID Certified.

VP of Operations – Over Engineering, Purchasing and Scheduling –

VICKI COULLING – Vicki started with Keltech in 2002 as Program Manager. In 2007, she decided to take time off to raise her family, and then rejoined us as a Program Manager at the beginning of 2016. Vicki has prior sales and product marketing experience and is now Director of Inside Sales. She recognizes the importance of defining requirements, communicating with customers, and providing excellent service to our customers, which has lead her to also manage Keltechs Purchasing team.

VP of Sales – Over Program Management and IT  –

BOBBY HARRIS –  Bobby comes to Keltech with an enormous amount of talent and experience. He has helped Keltech leverage the knowledge of electronic sales and maintaining client relationships to exceed sales goals through ambitious strategies. He has not only looking to meet goals, but to exceed them. Bobby is a graduate of Virginia Tech holding a  Bachelors in Engineering. Not only is he a people person, he understands the technical and fundamentals of the electronic manufacturing process from head to toe.

HOBBIES – While Bobby is not continuing his life of being a workaholic, he enjoys maintaining his beautiful property out in Eggleston, VA. Bobby also enjoys the outdoors, this can vary from a nice long hike, to flipping his Canoe on the James River. He also is enamored with the Aerospace side of the world, making the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird his favorite air craft.

Human Resources/Accounting – 

DALE FITZGERALD – Dale has over 30 years’ experience in the Electronics Industry.  She joined Keltech in 2005.  Her background was in Quality and Compliance before moving into the Human Resources and Accounting role at Keltech in more recent years.  She believes that Keltech is a special place where employees are known by name and each one is a contributor to the success of the business.

HOBBIES – Dale enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with her Husband, Anthony who is our facilities Manager at Keltech.