Our Capabilities


Keltech has experienced Program Managers who are dedicated to you and the clients you serve. They are your key point of contact, and your voice within Keltech. A Program Manager will facilitate conversations for you with other sectors of the company, as needed throughout the phases of your build. Program Managers are here to assure that Keltech understands your needs and requirements. They track your order throughout the process and provide feedback to you so you know where your build is in the process.

Our experienced buyers understand the importance of cost for board assemblies or complete units. They realize this cost is what makes the sale for both you and for Keltech. Our buyers have established relationships with vendors, and they work with these vendors to obtain the best price and the best delivery in order to meet your needs. They have also worked to establish consigned materials on site for long lead components. Keltech offers full turn-key or consigned material for our customers.


Our Engineering group is the first to act upon receipt of a new quote package. They are responsible for ensuring the quote package is complete and that it includes all the necessary information that our vendors and our processes require. Working off a detailed Review Checklist, Engineering provides information back to the Program Managers to ensure the build is quoted correctly the first time and any questions or clarifications are presented to the customer. PCB related review items are conducted by IPC CID certified Engineers using the customer’s gerbers and our GerbTool Designer software (Wise Software) to ensure correct specifications are obtained that effect stencil design and other manufacturing processes. We want to fully review the entire build package and relate that to all necessary build processes to ensure we understand all the requirements, identify and communicate possible problem areas, cost saving opportunities and improvements related to Design for Manufacturability.

Once awarded the build, we create our own stencil design files using VisualCam for Stencils (Wise Software) and our Manufacturing Execution Software (Aegis Software) is used to help ensure the bill of materials and customer supplied CAD file contain no errors or matching issues. This same software is then used to create our pick and place machine programs and also all Process documentation.

The same team that starts your prototype or new build, will also be there for all your follow-up orders. Our Engineering group should be thought of as an extension of the customer’s own. Direct communication of our Engineering group with the customer’s Engineering team is highly recommended. This helps to facilitate fast resolution of any issues, questions or concerns.


Our surface equipment has the capacity of over 15 million placements per month.   We have the capability for BGA and Micro-BGA fine pitch.  Our state-of-the-art equipment provides flexibility for changes on the board or for changes in the schedule.  We have two pick-and-place lines, both using MY200SX14.  One of these is also in-line with a MY9, which can easily be converted to run three lines.  All lines utilize their own Momentum screen printer.

We will also perform modifications or re-work with our SMD-1000 Chipmaster or BGA re-work station, and offer repair and return programs.


Our Through-hole process capabilities allow us to assemble your simplest one-sided boards to complex double-sided assemblies with through-hole and mechanical parts on both sides.  Keltech is equipped with automated lead prep machines, multiple slide-lines for efficient part placement, three Pillarhouse selective solder machines, Electrovert wave machine for both tin-lead and RoHS boards, and fully equipped manual soldering stations.  Our dedicated, highly skilled operators can assemble your most challenging assemblies to your exact specifications.  Keltech also offers conformal coating in-house on an automated line.

Keltech can perform complete box builds or partials, depending on your needs.  We will package and ship to you or to your end user, per your requirements.

Thru-hole assembly


Keltech testing capabilities include:

  • In-circuit board test
  • Flying Probe
  • JTAG boundary scan test
  • Functional testing and Final unit testing on complete builds.


Our engineering team and technical staff also can assist in test design and development.

Keltech can perform all your repair needs, including refurbishing or upgrading units or boards that have been in service.  We can work through you or you can have your clients return directly to us.