What is Keltech?

Our multidisciplinary, turnkey approach means we look beyond the obvious to understand things like functionality, end use, and subsequent production steps to design and produce the optimal solution for you and your customers. Frequent communication means no surprises – Keltech program managers make sure you always know project and production status, and ensure on-time delivery.

  • Keltech has followed the trend and stayed up to date and ahead of the curve by procuring the newest and latest software, hardware and manufacturing machines and tools.
  • The best board results are obtained from our principals and operations that are integrated and digitally interconnected as is done with digital thread manufacturing and Factory Logics and mydata software, enabling software-based and optimized PCBA development that maximizes board quality and reliability.
  • We focus on growth with our customers, helping them from start to finish on the manufacturing process.
  • As we all know there is a huge part shortage in the US currently, Keltech goes up and beyond to source and find hard to find components to help with your build.
Our Thru-hole assembly is a mixture of selective soldering equipment, highly skilled employees for manual part placement, soldering, and wave soldering.
Keltech is an electronic contract manufacturer, building printed circuit boards (PCBs).